Bay Area Storytelling Festival
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Thank you for 30 wonderful years!

For more storytelling, visit the Storytelling Association of California
Congratulations to Bobbie Kincaid, winner of the 27th and final BASF quilt

Interview with Linda Yemoto on page 19 of The Orinda News!

This is it! The FINAL Bay Area Storytelling Festival will occur April 29-May 1, 2016, At the Orinda Community Center


The Tellers: We have an extra-special lineup for this final festival. First up is Bil Lepp whose outrageous tall tales and witty stories delight audiences of all ages. Antonio Rocha is a mime and storyteller whose eloquent face and hands tell the story even without words. We turn to Elizabeth Ellis's for down-home wisdom, delivered southern style. Diane Ferlatte, we're so glad you're here to share your powerful and empowering stories. Kinetic storytellers Eth-Noh-Tec layer ancient Asian myths on folktales and urban legends. Maynard Moose and his friend Willy Claflin round out the bill, with a promise to tickle our fancies and funnybones.

Mission Statement: The Bay Area Storytelling Festival promotes the timeless, contemporary art of storytelling by presenting today's finest talents. The festival showcases the power of stories to bridge generations, celebrate diverse cultures, and build and connect communities.

The Festival, located at Orinda Community Center, starts on Friday with one or more master-level workshops and an evening performance by all tellers. Saturday and Sunday we offer several performances for adults and older kids, and a special family program for the younger kids.

Sponsorship:If you would like to be a patron of the arts, but you want to support something more interactive than opera, please consider making a donation to the Bay Area Storytelling Festival!

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Checklist for Story Lovers

  • Mark your calendar for April 29- May 1, 2016
  • Watch this page for early bird ticket prices
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  • Did you attend the 2015 Festival? Let us know about your experience.
  • Please consider making a donation to support the Bay Area Storytelling Festival:

Phone: 510-869-4946, Email:
The Festival is a project of the Storytelling Association of California

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